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Oil Vaporizer Oils

New Perspectives Vaping has been elevated to a totally new level, and it seems that everyone wants a piece of the pie. Vapor shops and vape loung...

June 1, 2017 by Matt with 0 comments

How To Draw On Your Personal Vaporizer

So many people who buy a Personal Vaporiser(PV) will use it like they smoked a cigarette, but this is an incorrect way to draw on your PV. Learni...

May 31, 2017 by Matt with 1 comment

The Effects of Using Vaporizers for Weed

What are vaporizers for weed? One of the newest and also most common techniques used for consuming weed is vaporizers. People who have already tr...

August 1, 2016 by Matt with 0 comments

Oil or Herb Vaporizer Which One to Use?

What is a vaporizer? Vaporizer is a device that heats up certain substance/matter onto a high temperature (around 188° C) causing that way activ...

January 18, 2016 by Matt with 0 comments

10 Interesting Facts About Hookahs

Hookah has been a traditional aristocratic sign that dates back to centuries and also has strong historical presence in Egypt and India as well a...

August 6, 2015 by Matt with 2 comments

What Are Vaporizers For

Vape stores, vaporizer review sites, vaporizer manufacturers, vapor blends, and essential aromatherapy oils; all new terms for the vaporizer indu...

July 23, 2015 by Matt with 3 comments

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